Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Auromedia Team at Ajyal Youth Film Festival 2013 in Doha, Qatar

As Auromedia, a unit of Sri Aurobindo Society, we were invited to Ajyal Youth Film Festival 2013 in Doha, Qatar, to take part to the Industry Forum as speakers. 
Sharing experiences of high quality media productions, projects and workshops was the aim of the 2 full days forum joined by the top of the world's experts in children and youth media gathered by Firdoze Bulbulia, president of CIFEJ, chairperson of Children Broadcasting Foundation of Africa, founder-director of ABC (Africa's Best Channel) and chairperson of the 5th World Summit on Children and Media held in Johannesburg, Southafrica in 2007. 

Auromedia Team [Andrea Camerini (right) & Laura Di Nitto (left)]

In the panel "Stop the Motion, I need to get on", not only could we introduce ourselves in our new role of Auromedia Team engaged in media education projects, but also we got the opportunity to present some beautiful Italian animation productions realized by La Casa dei Conigli which we find inspiring and relevant in the children's TV panorama with the original soundtrack by Nuove Trib├╣ Zulu


The song 'Song for the World' was performed by a group of enthusiastic and talented young people with Andrea's support at the opening ceremony of the Forum. 

Once we were silent, then we were given a voice...
Once we were silent, now we can have our own voice

We believe children and young people should be inspired in understanding media and the world beyond the surface. They should be enabled to acquire the tools for decoding the media contents and messages and they should become able to express themselves through the media language in order to become proactive in the society, visible in the media and capable of speaking up and conveying their own values and ideas. 
As professional we believe we should facilitate children and youth in enjoying the exposure to high quality media contents, in the process of critical thinking and in the challenge of the creation of meaningful media contents and forms. 

Ajyal Youth Film Festival was a great opportunity to reconnect with the big world family of children and youth media experts from Argentina, Netherlands, Brazil, SouthAfrica, UAE, Dubai, Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Zanzibar, Kenya, Sweden, Poland, Ethiopia, France, Italy, Nigeria, USA, UK + many more countries and the network is there to be joined to enhance each other's experiences, projects and work.The contribution of each single participant was extremely valuable and Ajyal signs one more step of this incredible children and youth media path, research and production network that is all the time ready to share, help, play and put always "our children first!". 
Firdoze Bulbulia (right) with Ajyal Festival Director Fatma Al Remaihi

Katara Cultural Village, festival venue
children and youth audience at Ajyal festival
More to come soon from the Auromedia Team :)

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